For a positive interaction with your products, we employ a suite of tools to help you provide a rich user experience.

Experience Design

At Humancloud Technologies we understand that a positive user experience means a stronger bond between you and the user. That’s why we combine design, analytics, insights, and informed strategy with the latest tech to create world-class experiences.

Why Choose Us

What Makes us the Best Experience Designers


Creating Transformative Experiences

We have the right resources and ideas to help you reach your users in a better and more effective way.


High Quality Designs

Our team of qualified individuals focus on enhancing experiences by factoring in usefulness, desirability and product interaction.


Intuitive Approach

For any experience to be successful, users need to feel the ease of the product. And Humancloud Technologies understands these specifications as per your business before suggesting an approach.

Our Specialisation

Experience Design and Strategy

We are thorough in our homework. We conduct competitor reviews, stakeholder interviews, user research and product audits to provide solutions for B2B and B2C products.

Customer Journey Strategy

Right from understanding what drives customer engagement, to identifying gaps, we employ a simple process of prototyping, testing, evaluating and refining the design until we reach a point of satisfaction.

Design (UI, UX, Product, Services)

We know what it takes for users to be completely content with a product. Our team of highly experienced UI/UX designers understand the importance of a good user experience and a complimenting user interface for a product to be a success.

Brand and Content Strategy

We are a team of well-equipped strategists who understand the power of Search Engine Optimization. We stick to a human-first strategy when it comes to delivering a world-class user experience.

Digital Commerce Strategy and Platform Integration

It is a vast e-commerce market out there, and every company wants to stand out. With the right third-party tools, relevant AI support, and a highly interactive product visualization, we help you achieve the desired results. 

Mobility Design and Development Services

We specialize in creating client-focused solutions by factoring in responsiveness and speed, physical interaction, ease of usage and consistency. 


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We have been a visionary and a reliable software engineering partner for world-class brands.

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