We are here to help you lower IT costs through Cloud Computing by taking on the complexities that come with cloud infrastructure

Cloud Infrastructure & Security

As your digital services partner, Humancloud Technologies offers a suite of services to help your business grow rapidly.

We have grown leaps and bounds in the areas of setting up private and public cloud infrastructure and managing the load of large data centers.

Here's How We Do It


We Create Managed Services

We provide all technical support related to cloud infra to automate and enhance your business operations.


Setting up Private and Public Cloud Infra

We help you manage the loads of large data centres and our experience in setting up a robust cloud infrastructure is exactly what small to medium businesses need.


End-to-End Cloud Management

Rely on our unrivaled experience in everything cloud. We will manage all the details so you can focus on your products and business growth.

Our Cloud Services

What We Offer

Cloud Consulting Services

Reduce costs of operations drastically with the help of our expertise in cloud value assessment, cloud strategy, enterprise adaptation services and more.

Cloud Infrastructure Design and Deployment Services

Rely on us for GCP, AWS, Azure, and other cloud frameworks. From data-driven test systems, and data encryption to multi-factor authentication and traceability, we give you nothing but the best.

Cloud Transformation Services

Scale up and take on new challenges with security, optimization and compliance throughout your cloud journey, and reduces costs with our managed services.

Cloud Migration Services

Move your business to the cloud seamlessly. We help you in reducing migration risk, and optimizing your cloud-native capabilities, for private, public and hybrid-clouds.

Managed AWS/GCP Cloud

Trust us to effectively manage your AWS, GCP or Azure cloud infrastructures. We operate on your behalf by regularly monitoring common activities. We also provide patch management, backup services, complete lifecycle support, and more for an efficient cloud. 

Cost Optimisation and Billing Services

With a wide range of pricing options available, choosing the most optimum service fit for your business is the key. We use cloud optimization tools, heatmaps and identify idle resources, reducing your cloud bill drastically.

Cloud Automation and DevOps

Reduce manual efforts of managing cloud computing workloads. Say goodbye to the inefficient ways of sizing and configuring resources manually, and say hello to orchestration and automation.

Cloud Application and Security Services

We engineer and orchestrate event detection, monitoring, reports and response, fully managing your privacy requirements and data security in the cloud. We have the right tools to implement roadmaps, help with automation, and integrate with AI.


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