From Data Analytics and Data Modeling to Data Mining, we have expertise in managing complex structures and enormous datasets. 

Big Data & Analytics

Today, there is an excessive overflow of data coming from various sources and managing these mammoth datasets can prove tedious.

Traditional storage and architectures are declining and there is a rising need to set a big data strategy.

Humancloud Technologies offers your business a turn-key solution for Big Data management. We are capable of processing the data and derive actionable insights from it.

Our Services

Areas We Are Helping Our Clients With

Big Data Consulting

Our customized Big Data Consulting services include Big Data Strategy definition, data assessment, business use case identification, proof of concept, and architecture recommendations.

We also support your business in defining a Big Data Strategy and choosing the right approach technology tools.

Big Data Development

We understand the importance of identifying sources of Big Data that are relevant to the policies and planning of your development program.

Our host of services includes custom Application Development, Application Integration, Data Migration Services, and Integration with existing Data Warehouses.

We will address all critical components including Data Provisioning, Data Management, and Data Consumption.

Big Data Infrastructure Setup

Our team of specialists is here to simplify the integration of the large projects, which means selecting the appropriate infrastructure model and ensuring a smooth deployment.

Data Analytics and Insights

Companies that make informed decisions make the most of any situation. And that’s why businesses that avail Big Data services need thorough data analytics and insights. 

We have a command over various data visualization tools like Tableau, Azure ML, IBM Cognos, and QlikView, which provides all-round support to your business.

We are adept in Data Modelling, Predictive and Prescriptive Analysis, Data Visualisation Solutions, Data mining, and Inferential Strategic Analysis.


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